Visual Art


Allred, Chloe. “Brock Turner, Golden Boy: Night of the Attack.” 2016. Series of three oil paintings.

Allred’s triptych features three paintings of former Stanford student Brock Turner, who was convicted of the sexual assault of a fellow student. Turner’s lenient sentence (and his praise as a “golden boy” and “star swimmer”) from Judge Aaron Persky sparked national outrage.


Brown, Grace. “Project Unbreakable.” (2011-2015).

Brown photographed survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence holding white placards upon which they wrote the words spoken to them by their assailants. Rega Jha’s article over at Buzzfeed features a sample of the images from Project Unbreakable: “27 Survivors of Sexual Assault Quoting the People who Attacked Them.”

Smith, Jamil. “Meet Grace Brown, unbreakable photographer.” Interview with Grace Brown. MSNBC. 17 Mar 2012.